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CrowBunny has chosen to donate 10% of every sale to a good cause, in this way we can contribute to a better world for people and especially animals.

Stichting Schildpaddenopvang

For the period up to and including November 1, 2024, we have chosen to donate to stichting Schildpaddenopvang Nederland. Schildpaddenopvang Nederland is committed to caring for turtles that have been dumped, neglected or otherwise found. Both water and land turtles are cared for with great care and knowledge. The foundation has a beautiful shelter in Harkema (Friesland) and works with volunteers throughout the country. We were able to take a look at the shelter ourselves and were both shocked by the amount and impressed by the space and professionalism of the shelter. We hope to be able to raise a nice amount this year to give this foundation a helping hand!


Over stichting Schildpaddenopvang

Now the turtle sanctuary in Harkema houses more than 3000 orphaned water and land turtles. The animals have access to large, spacious enclosures. The interior offers approximately 1000m2 of space. For the water turtles, which represent more than 90% of the numbers, there is almost 100,000 liters of water available. We also keep our turtles outside in the summer. This only applies to species that can tolerate this. We do this mainly because we do not want to be a “prison”. We want to try to ensure that the turtles that always have to remain in the shelter have an animal-worthy life with sufficient challenge and enrichment in their existence. This also includes the real sun!

In the outdoor area there is an enormous pond with approximately 300,000 liters of water. In addition, the water turtles have sufficient sun and egg laying areas. The tortoises have approximately 350m2 of space with the most natural approach possible.

Every year we collect approximately 600 turtles from all over the Netherlands, most of which have been found as released turtles. Our population consists of approximately 80% found animals and the remaining 20% that have been relinquished by the former owners.

Together with our regular veterinarian, the turtles receive the best medical care possible. We give every injured and/or sick turtle a chance. We have a very strict euthanasia policy. This means that euthanasia will only be performed in cases of unbearable suffering. Lack of space or costs will never be a reason!

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Other charitable actions

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Miss Piggybank

Since 2023 we also have a collection box for the charity that we support for the markets and events where we are present. We donate the donations in Miss Piggybank directly to charity. If you see us somewhere and you still want to make a donation, that is certainly possible!

2024 - Vegan Lentemarkt - Schildpaddenopvang (€7,50)
2023 - Vegan Kerstmarkt - Schildpaddenopvang (€10)
2023 - AMA-Fest - De varkensschuur (€3)
2023 - Vegan Lentemarkt - De varkensschuur (€ 22)

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