CrowBunny has chosen to donate 10% of every sale to a good cause, in this way we can contribute to a better world for people and especially animals.

Logo Vier Voeters rond.pngThe first charity that CrowBunny has chosen is Vier Voeters (Four Paws Foundation). We have chosen this foundation because we fully support the projects and campaigns they focus on. Rescuing animals from neglect, abuse and other dire circumstances in particular takes a lot of time and money. With the donation of 10% on all our orders we can hopefully contribute a little bit to keep four footers continuing this good work.

Thanks to the newsletter and messages on social media, you get good insight into their working method and all current projects..

We will support Vier Voeters until October 31, 2021, after which we will make a choice for another charity, if you have a good suggestion let us know!


Other actions

In addition to the standard charity for which we donate the 10% of all our sales, we will also take other actions to collect money etc. for charities or institutions.

Christmas donation 2020

Before Christmas 2020 we held a collection to raise money to buy snacks for the shelter in Zuidwolde. We ordered (vegan) snacks from Vegavriend (which themselves also made a generous donation) and brought them to the dogs in the shelter.