The story behind CrowBunny

Crowbunny is an idea of Michiel and Linda. We have been a couple since 2008 and live near Groningen in the north of the Netherlands. We are increasingly concerned with conscious living. Michiel has been a vegetarian since he was 17, together we have both switched to fully vegan for a few years and we are also increasingly concerned with eco-friendly living, reuse and climate. You can also see these themes in our designs. Since we both love drawing and design and being creative, the idea for a webshop, with shirts with serious messages with a funny undertone, was born. Due to the situation in 2020, where we were often at home, we were able to put a lot of energy and time into starting Crowbunny. Our aim is to make a number of new designs available every few months. We still have plenty of ideas.

Besides Crowbunny we both work in a completely different branch. Linda is a municipal council faction assistant for the Party of the Animals and a complaints mediator officer in addiction care. Michiel is a web application programmer and volunteers at the local animal shelter (dog department) en is volunteering as a graphic designer for Bite Back. We have two dogs, two cats, guinea pigs and chickens. He both have all kinds of hobbies such as painting, carpentry, plants, nature, music. Linda loves the retro / vintage style. Michiel's taste is more metal / comic. You will also find these influences in our designs.


CrowBunny has two sides. Fun & Friendly on the one hand and Bleak & Angry on the other. The choice of more conscious living is on the one hand about love, peace, equality. But on the other hand, you also see the negativity and horrors of the world. To illustrate both sides, we have also chosen a yin and yang in terms of animals. The 'Crow' and the 'Bunny.'


Support the charities

To really contribute to a better world and not just by spreading the message, we donate part of the profit to charity with CrowBunny. We choose a charity for each term which will be supported. Buying a shirt contributes to the realization of a better world! Read more about the charities we donate to here. We currently have the option to donate 10% of all orders to charity, the rest will be used to grow our brand, create more offerings and advertise. The more we eventually sell, the more we can donate.