Do you have a creative idea or detailed design, good animal cause or are you looking for sustainable merchandise for your organization or foundation? Contact us, because we are always open to a new collaboration! Together you will gain new insights and we can join forces! Send us an app or contact us via the contact form. Who knows, we can mean something to each other!


Get our merch at the Deli

Since the summer of 2022 you will find a selection of our products in the beautiful Vegan Deli of Vegan Keuken in Appingedam! You can find the Deli at Dijkstraat 51 in Appingedam


CrowBunny supplies its products in the most animal and environmentally friendly way possible, making all our products Vegan friendly and sustainable. To achieve this, we obviously need partners who can help us realize our products. We mainly work with local companies where sustainability is of paramount importance.

D-T Print has been our partner since day 1 for supplying shirts with unique CrowBunny designs.
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All CrowBunny products are Vegan Friendly and are produced and delivered as sustainably as possible. For this reason we have chosen to work with a local printing company. D-T Print offers us the opportunity to use Organic cotton shirts and GOTS certified inks to produce shirts that fully meet our requirements.

Nemdes is our partner for the premium stickers and other advertising work.
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They wrote about our collaboration: Some time ago we were asked by CrowBunny if we can also make stickers. 'Yes' was the answer, we do nothing but print sticker work. But the question of whether we also have VEGAN stickers in our range, I needed some more information for that. “We would like to have stickers printed that are made with due regard for our objective.” That's crazy, I've never had that question before. With this in mind, we started calling and emailing our suppliers. It turns out that no one cares about the ingredients that go into our products. Special, we work every day with products of which we actually do not even know the composition. Now I know roughly how a foil is made, then and now. Bone meal used to be used in the glue, this is obsolete and no longer necessary (but not prohibited). After we received the results, it was reassuring but also worrying. In approximately 95% there were demonstrably no animal 'residues' processed, the other 5% of 'our' products were not known for sure. "We assume this is free of animal ingredients" was the answer from Avery Labs in America. A foil is made on the basis of more than 20 raw materials, where each raw material is also made on a base, etc. Interesting material, difficult to get a finger behind. We can therefore conclude that it is a Vegan Friendly product and since we have repelled the other films we can even say that our products are Vegan. How beautiful is that. Our collaboration with CrowBunny has changed our view of products, something everyone should do.