Stichting Dierenopvangcentrum Groningen 2021-2022

docg-logo.png Dierenopvangcentrum Groningen is a shelter for wild animals as well as all kinds of other animals, with the exception of dogs and cats. This is after all regulated by the animal protection.

The foundation is committed to taking care of injured and sick animals and young animals by raising them or making them better and then releasing them back into nature. They take care of these animals to protect the species and help nature. Most animals are injured by humans (collision etc). They give substance to the concept of duty of care from the Nature Conservation Act.

The shelter is located in Groningen, but the animals come from the provinces of Groningen, Drenthe and Friesland.

The animals will stay in the shelter temporarily until they have recovered sufficiently. They try to reintroduce most animals to their place of origin if possible and if necessary a veterinarian is involved in the treatment.


  • They have various facilities in their reception centre, these are all up to date.
  • Quarantine room (first care for injured and sick animals provided with various cages with and without heating) here they perform various treatments and the animals can relax.
  • Indoor pond with various cages with and without heating and a small swimming pool for faster recovery of the waterfowl.
  • Several stables, for the rehabilitation of the animals.
  • Various outdoor aviaries for the further naturalization of animals, after which they are released.
  • Large bird of prey flight also for the recovery of animals after which they can be released.
  • In this they receive the people who bring injured or sick animals. They do not allow visitors to enter the animal shelter any further in order to disturb the peace of the animals as little as possible.They also have a sluice that is open 24 hours a day, where people can store injured and sick animals day and night, they check it every 15 minutes.

They are also in close contact with the Groningen Veterinary Center on Paterswoldseweg. For animals that they cannot treat themselves, they always enlist the help of a veterinarian. For more information:

Our experience:
crowbunny-valkje.jpgWe first came into contact with them when we found a falcon sitting in the middle of a busy road in Groningen. We then took the falcon off the road and brought it to the Animal Shelter. A few weeks later he was able to fly again and he was deported by the Animal Shelter. Dierenopvangcentrum Groningen is a small charity run by volunteers who work day and night for these animals. A small charity like this can use the donations well.

We were able to transfer a total of 250 euros to the Stichting Dierenopvangcentrum Groningen at the end of this donation period.