Wild Rats Sanctuary - Stichting Rattenpootjes

When purchasing our "All Life is Precious" shirt, we donate 10% to the Rattenpootjes foundation for the shelter of rats!

A very nice amount of 40 euros has now been transferred!

Wild Rats Sanctuary The Rat Paws Foundation is fully focused on providing a safe, permanent home to (semi) wild rats. We take in wild rats that have been orphaned, injured or weakened. Adult rats are released back into the wild after rehabilitation if possible. Bottle-raised rats and rats with disabilities or deteriorating health continue to live in the shelter. Some tame rats with special needs also stay with us permanently.

Wild Rats Sanctuary The Rattenpootjes Foundation's primary goal is to provide a home for wild rats that can no longer survive in the wild. With our holistic approach, we want to meet the needs of each individual animal. This means that we are always concerned with good nutrition, spacious housing in a suitable group, enrichment, specialist medical care and a stress-free, low-stimulus environment.

We are also committed to improving the image of the wild rat. They are still wrongly labeled as spreaders of disease; dangerous and dirty. We would like to introduce people to the intelligent, sensitive, empathetic animals that rats really are.

Check out their website for more information or how to donate directly!