We recently decided to implement a new system for our inventory management. Instead of keeping all shirts in stock ourselves, we have chosen to optionally have them delivered directly from our supplier. This change offers us several advantages:

✅ More designs available!

✅ Size more inclusive (for example: XXL, XXXL)

✅ Sizes in stock faster

✅ More models available, such as tank tops!

✅ Fewer transport movements, so more sustainable!

Why this change?

We were forced to purchase large quantities. As a result, it could take longer for a size to be in stock if other sizes were still available. It was also not always possible to print new designs on shirts, as this was a major investment for us due to the large print run. That is why we started looking for a party that prints smaller quantities and can possibly also send them individually. We found this one!

If you only buy shirts, we can have the shirts sent directly by our supplier. If you order multiple items, we will order a 'batch' every week and send your order together with your other products in the context of sustainability. Since products still have to be printed, shipping time may take a little longer than you are used to from us. At least a week is realistic. If we have certain models in stock, we will of course ship faster!

Of course we still use vegan ink and organic cotton!

We are curious about your experiences with our new system. Be sure to let us know!