Sancuary Vrijlief was asked if they might have room for a blind calf. She couldn't find her way on the dairy farm. She almost died, but strong as she is, she didn't give up. The son of the company contacted them if she could live in Vrijlief, but she would not be able to handle a group of cows with horns and feisty characters. Fortunately, Vrijlief has good contacts and was able to find Sanctuary Het Wijland willing to take care of Evie. However, Het Wijland is in the middle of a move! Evie's care will be intensive and expensive, especially in the first few months. There must be a basic amount to be able to bear her care in the coming months. Vrijlief will take care of the first few months and then Evie will move to her forever home: the new location of Het Wijland! With the sale of this shirt we want to donate our entire profit (€7.50) to Evie. We hope this contributes to give Evie a beautiful life!

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